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Insulation Requirements

 From 1 July 2019, it will be compulsory for all rental properties to meet the new minimum insulation requirements. All landlords should check that the insulation at their properties meets the standards and take action if necessary before the new requirements become compulsory. 

Minimum Insulation Requirements

For Tenancy in Dunedin this will mean a minimum of R3.3 in ceilings and R1.3 in subfloors

Existing Insulation

This applies to homes that have had insulation installed before 1 July 2016. Most homes built after 1978 should have had insulation installed that was specified to meet the above Construction R-values when it was installed – the specifications should be on the building permit documentation at your Local Council.  

 Homes built after 1978 with insulation which met thermal requirements at the time of construction are likely to still comply with the Regulations provided the insulation is in reasonable condition. This Rule of Thumb has been created for the most common types of older ceiling insulation materials – glass fibre insulation, and macerated paper insulation. It may also be applied to blown wool insulation. Most common types of older insulation would have been at least 100mm thick  

Not Sure ? Get a Insulation Inspection.

Your local Dunedin HouseTest building inspector can visit the property and produce a report on the condition of the insulation that you can use to determine building inspection what if any action to take. Book an insulation inspection today from $242 

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